Release Notes - Portlet Bridge - Version 3.3.0.Beta2 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [PBR-344] - Provide ability to switch between different Modes and Window States of a Portlet with the NavigationHandler


  • [PBR-540] - change viewRoot from ajax-request don't work
  • [PBR-546] - Requests to the ajax does not convey the parameters of flash scope.
  • [PBR-552] - Using Faces Flows throws Exceptions and the page fails to load


  • [PBR-519] - Initial investigation into CDI 1.1/Weld 2.0 support



  • [PBR-522] - Add tests for f:viewAction
  • [PBR-523] - Add tests for Faces Flows with @FlowScoped
  • [PBR-527] - Add tests for Resource Library Contracts
  • [PBR-528] - Add tests for new @ViewScoped backed by CDI

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