Release Notes - Portlet Bridge - Version 3.2.0.Alpha1 - HTML format

Component Upgrade

  • [PBR-471] - Upgrade RIchFaces to 4.3.0.M3

Feature Request

  • [PBR-413] - Ensure correct handling of web.xml and it's content based on different scenarios
  • [PBR-435] - CDI Support


  • [PBR-410] - NPE if WAR doesn't contain a web.xml
  • [PBR-411] - NPE if web.xml doesn't declare FacesServlet
  • [PBR-419] - Changing skin in RF show results in stacktrace
  • [PBR-423] - Error Rendering View[/index.xhtml]: javax.faces.FacesException: Cannot remove the same component twice
  • [PBR-455] - Showcase (portlet): a4j:push: CDI example: consumer doesn't receive push updates
  • [PBR-456] - Showcase (portlet): a4j:param: Skins change causes error: "Cannot remove the same component twice"
  • [PBR-457] - Showcase (portlet): a4j: queue: input in queue example disabled
  • [PBR-458] - Metamer (portlet): a4j:actionListener: multiple listener invoke causes ERROR status
  • [PBR-459] - Metamer (portlet): rich:fileUpload: upload not work and missing control's icons
  • [PBR-461] - Metamer (portlet): rich:EDT: broken columns layout
  • [PBR-469] - Showcase (portlet): rich:tree: missing tree icons
  • [PBR-473] - PortletFacesContextFactoryImpl does not use Thread Safe ELContext variable


  • [PBR-251] - Test bridge with CDI
  • [PBR-453] - Update JSF2 archetype to use depchain


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