Release Notes - RichFaces - Version 4.3.6 - HTML format


  • [RF-13492] - Photoalbum: cancel selection in other r:trees when browsing an album navigation panel


  • [RF-13250] - Extreme memory usage in RF4.3.4.Final and not in RF4.3.3.Final
  • [RF-13453] - There is no way to extend class org.richfaces.renderkit.ExtendedDataTableRenderer properly
  • [RF-13511] - Photoalbum: unite behaviour of dataScroller in FB/G+ and in own/predefined albums
  • [RF-13531] - selects: cannot select option on IE11
  • [RF-13541] - Photoalbum - JPA tests
  • [RF-13549] - Photoalbum: cannot upload image
  • [RF-13559] - Backport RF-13018 (a4j:commandButton wrong actions performed) to RF 4


  • [RF-13540] - Websphere incarnation of MyFaces renderes optimized resources multiple times

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