Release Notes - RichFaces - Version 4.3.1 - HTML format

Component Upgrade

  • [RF-12689] - Upgrade Atmosphere from 1.0.1 to 1.0.10


  • [RF-12750] - extendedDataTable make facet header clickable using default sortHandle
  • [RF-12803] - ExtendedPartialViewContext: Add JavaScriptScript service extensions to response by jsf.ajax.request triggered requests

Feature Request

  • [RF-12774] - a4j:commandLink does not set the styleClass when disabled


  • [RF-12523] - a4j:commandButton generates duplicated context path using a resource value expression within image attribute
  • [RF-12758] - ExtendedDatatable: horizontal scroll bar not work
  • [RF-12769] - Select Component with Manual Input uses first option regardless of what is picked
  • [RF-12781] - The kitchensink-rf quickstart uses obsolete property names and values
  • [RF-12788] - org.richfaces.javascript.QUnitTest fails in WFK 2.2
  • [RF-12791] - Update the quickstart pom files to match changes made in the jboss-jdf repository
  • [RF-12804] - ExtendedDatatable: columnClasses attribute not work
  • [RF-12806] - Remote configuration in the arquillian.xml file should be commented - See JDF-215 for details
  • [RF-12821] - ajaxbegin, ajaxbeforedomupdate and ajaxcomplete doesn't work (rich:placeholder: placeholder text disappears after ajax request)
  • [RF-12824] - Partial response is not written correctly for redirected request

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