Release Notes - RichFaces - Version 4.3.0.CR1 - HTML format

Component Upgrade

  • [RF-12447] - Upgrade CKEditor to 3.6.6 (color picking issues in IE10)
  • [RF-12690] - Upgrade Mojarra from 2.1.13 to 2.1.16
  • [RF-12699] - Upgrade MyFaces to 2.1.10
  • [RF-12701] - Upgrade the pnotify jquery plugin


  • [RF-12649] - Placeholder: add fundamental tests for rich Input components
  • [RF-12663] - Showcase - rich:contextMenu - tree sample has incorrectly defined icons
  • [RF-12711] - Add rich:jQuery EL function to Showcase sample

Feature Request

  • [RF-12683] - Provide a configuration option to disable built-in sorting/filtering
  • [RF-12715] - richfaces.js searchForComponentRootOrReturn doesn't recognize non-richfaces components


  • [RF-11067] - rich:autocomplete popups with suggestions does not reflect the value in input
  • [RF-11565] - Showcase: multiple selections in rich:autocomplete doesn't work when "clicking" is used
  • [RF-12135] - rich:extendedDataTable column width lost after table rerendering (partial state saving)
  • [RF-12608] - pickList without collectionType results in failure to lazily load
  • [RF-12650] - rich:placeholder: when @rendered=false the placeholder is still rendered
  • [RF-12662] - Showcase - rich:extendedDataTable - Built-in sorting and filtering - ELException when text filter value provided instead of expected numbers
  • [RF-12666] - Showcase - Drag and Drop with indicator - the styles do not apply for indicator when dragging over various targets
  • [RF-12668] - rich:focus - stops to work when containing form is re-rendered by another form
  • [RF-12669] - Autocomplete: client side validation for custom validators doesn't work
  • [RF-12670] - JSF 2.0 compatibility issue, NoSuchFieldError: javax/faces/component/visit/VisitHint.SKIP_ITERATION
  • [RF-12671] - dropTarget does not work inside dynamic tabs when switchType is ajax or server
  • [RF-12672] - Collapsible sub table: noData facet doesn't work inside switchable panels
  • [RF-12673] - Collapsible sub table: filtering doesn't work inside switchable panels
  • [RF-12684] - The last page shows rows from the page before if rich:collapsibleSubTable is included in rich:dataTable with rich:dataScroller.
  • [RF-12691] - extendedDataTable: Header facet render problem in RichFaces 4
  • [RF-12692] - rich:select - unknown validator SelectLabelValueValidator
  • [RF-12693] - Mojarra fails to encode form inputs correctly when they doesn't have name attribute
  • [RF-12700] - LongRangeValidator client-side messages differs from server-side ones on MyFaces
  • [RF-12703] - showcase - drag and drop - JS error with default dragIndicator
  • [RF-12705] - vdl documentation for a4j:outputPanel contains non-implemented layout="none"
  • [RF-12707] - rich:calendar - setValue(...) method from javascript API doesn't work correctly
  • [RF-12708] - rich:jQuery: wrong VDL documentation of selector attribute
  • [RF-12709] - richfaces.js: fire ajaxcomplete event
  • [RF-12713] - Listeners don't work inside panels
  • [RF-12714] - Showcase and rich:dataTable: sorting in Arrangable demo doesn't work
  • [RF-12716] - VDL-doc for a4j:ajax incorrectly states that the listener method cannot accept parameters
  • [RF-12717] - “Component ID <componentId> has already been found in the view” exception when using rich:dataTable with JSF 2.1.13 on EAP 6.0.1.


  • [RF-12712] - Upgrade to Mojarra 2.1.17

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