Release Notes - RichFaces - Version 4.3.0.M3 - HTML format

Component Upgrade


  • [RF-10442] - extendedDataTable: add state saving functionality
  • [RF-12252] - kitchensink archetype - creating already registered user throws server side error - it should be caught and user should be noticed
  • [RF-12578] - Setup integration tests for UI projects
  • [RF-12590] - Unified approach for finding input element under component's root
  • [RF-12617] - Merge richfaces-jsf-event.js to richfaces.js
  • [RF-12640] - Showcase - rename focus samples to comply camel case convention
  • [RF-12644] - Improve CoreUtils/JSEncoder performance by character escape improvements
  • [RF-12652] - Improve ScriptUtils performance by doing early preallocation in String encode path

Feature Request

  • [RF-8125] - Tables: built-in sorting/filtering
  • [RF-12562] - Migrate the focus component from the sandbox
  • [RF-12563] - Migrate the Placeholder (originally Watermark) component from the sandbox
  • [RF-12629] - Call javascriptServiceComplete once all scripts added by JavaScriptService are executed
  • [RF-12642] - richfaces.js: fire ajaxbegin and ajaxbeforedomupdate events


  • [RF-10154] - UIDataAdaptor vs. UIData visitTee small difference
  • [RF-10958] - Unnecessary attributes in faces-config.xml for message component
  • [RF-11382] - Datatable and ExtendedDatatable evaluate value attribute even if rendered=false
  • [RF-11776] - rich:extendedDataTable columnsOrder attribute is not working
  • [RF-12076] - Kitchensink archetype - back button does not back to the correct page state
  • [RF-12144] - Notify: taglib and faces-config.xml are not synced
  • [RF-12145] - RF4.2: Render and Oncomplete attributes not evaluated after invokeApplication if command is not rendered anymore
  • [RF-12160] - rich:validator does not validate on the client side the @Pattern constraint
  • [RF-12229] - Ajax partial response extension tag is not written when render="@all"
  • [RF-12250] - kitchensink quickstart - re-rendering list of members causes push to stop work
  • [RF-12254] - kitchensink archetype - accessing wrong facelet is held in session and consequently accessing a correct one causes HTTP Status 500
  • [RF-12255] - kitchensink archetype - error message from server side validation not rendered correctly
  • [RF-12287] - Dropdown menues hidden by other elements in IE 8
  • [RF-12290] - Drag & Drop from Tree in IE 7/8 is broken
  • [RF-12303] - Custom topiclistener not working on richfaces push component of verion 4.2.2-Final and older
  • [RF-12305] - rich:dragSource not working anymore after rich:dataTable AJAX re-render
  • [RF-12311] - rich:editor and rich:extendedDataTable won't work in Firefox 12 when placed on the same page
  • [RF-12355] - DnD dropTarget CSS classes not updated
  • [RF-12398] - UIDataAdaptor keepSaved method returns true when maximum severity is NOT greater than SEVERITY_ERROR
  • [RF-12438] - Showcase: Tree icons are incorrectly defined
  • [RF-12442] - RF ajax rendering of content which contains another form (a4j:commandLink/Button doesn’t reacts at first click)
  • [RF-12445] - Autocomplete: wrong output for suggestions with 2 or more words
  • [RF-12505] - rich:calendar @oncurrentdateselect not working
  • [RF-12514] - rich:message: unite styleClass name for message detail
  • [RF-12549] - Scripts added by JavaScript service should be prepended (not appended) to oncomplete
  • [RF-12560] - showcase - drag and drop - demo with drag indicator throws JS errors when dragging an item
  • [RF-12574] - rich:accordion height of first element is wrongly computed
  • [RF-12583] - Typo in the makePatternAMatch CSV javascript function
  • [RF-12588] - Support blur events with Calendar date selection (Placeholder integration)
  • [RF-12589] - Placeholder inside h:inputText - requires com.sun.faces.allowTextChildren=true
  • [RF-12603] - JS TypeError exception from RichFaces.csv.addMessage line added to page source
  • [RF-12604] - "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of null" when double clicking on a a4j:commandButton
  • [RF-12605] - Autocomplete Component Javascript Errors
  • [RF-12606] - rich:calendar bad Html syntax a table is under a span, which is not allowed (causes ajax error? ('error@malformedXML'))
  • [RF-12611] - rich:dataTable doesn't call restoreState() on a row-level composite component
  • [RF-12616] - Event re-targetting for correct javax.faces.source support in case where event doesn't originate on component's DOM root
  • [RF-12621] - rich:placeholder : empty attribute @selector
  • [RF-12622] - Warp dependencies changed
  • [RF-12623] - rich:placeholder: not working with rich:autocomplete, rich:inplaceInput, rich:inplaceSelect and rich:select
  • [RF-12625] - rich:placeholder: value from placeholder is submitted [ajax only]
  • [RF-12628] - richfaces-archetype-kitchensink 4.2.3.Final-1 is not "enterprise" ready
  • [RF-12634] - Log: writing debug messages in mode=console fails on IE10
  • [RF-12635] - jsf-test changes caused unit test failures
  • [RF-12639] - rich:extendedDataTable inside rich:tab: The columns which are not frozen are not rendered after switching the tab for the first time in IE 8.
  • [RF-12648] - Drag indicator created duplicate with same ID in DOM during dragging
  • [RF-12657] - Notify: remove not supported attributes delay, showHistory, appearAnimation and hideAnimation
  • [RF-12659] - ExtendedDataTable layout breaks when table element width set to 100%


  • [RF-12568] - Remove IE8 meta tag from Showcase
  • [RF-12570] - Re-create the kitchensink archetype from the kitchensink quickstart
  • [RF-12581] - Showcase: add myfaces to release profile
  • [RF-12646] - Showcase - exclude rich:focus samples from mobile view until it works on mobile environments


  • [RF-7706] - Last focused control should not be lost after a AJAX request (Richfaces should transparently preserve it)
  • [RF-8606] - FocusManager component
  • [RF-12586] - Placeholder: Showcase sample
  • [RF-12587] - Placeholder: Graphene ftest
  • [RF-12599] - Focus: Showcase sample
  • [RF-12600] - Focus: Add integration tests

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