Release Notes - RichFaces - Version 4.2.1.CR1 - HTML format


  • [RF-12048] - Showcase: Change the password for JMS guest connection
  • [RF-12051] - Showcase: simplified Push CDI sample which wouldn't use subtopics
  • [RF-12066] - Kitchensink archetype is not listed in the modules of the parent pom

Feature Request

  • [RF-11996] - rich:contextMenu on several rows in extendedDataTable
  • [RF-12052] - rich:TabPanel - HTML comments should be supported inside the tabPanel
  • [RF-12090] - Components: add jrebel profile to allow rapid development


  • [RF-7351] - Regression: "messages: globalOnly does not work properly"
  • [RF-10754] - extendedDataTable: two or more components placed on the page causes horizontal scroll to disappear
  • [RF-10941] - a4j:command* components misses default behavior event
  • [RF-10968] - Tree: treeSelectionChangeListener and treeToggleListener attributes should be removed
  • [RF-11872] - Mobile Showcase and a4j:region demo: submit button doesn't respond on the first click
  • [RF-11884] - Multiple Errors with IE8/9
  • [RF-11905] - showcase - shutdown of the JBoss AS with showcase deployed throws DB error
  • [RF-11936] - rich:contextMenu activation is possible outside of tree nodes
  • [RF-11948] - rich:extendedDataTable create an onready event to trigger javascript interactions after the EDT has been initialized
  • [RF-11965] - showcase - a4j:push - error thrown after creating topic for pushCdi
  • [RF-11971] - rich:menuItem onclick return value ignored
  • [RF-11977] - Multiple fileUpload controls on the same page do not work
  • [RF-11978] - Graph Validator - does not mark context to fail validation
  • [RF-11989] - The jointpoint attribute of the contextMenu should be removed
  • [RF-12007] - AbstractPanelMenuGroup.getChangeExpandListener is not used
  • [RF-12013] - Deadlock in push component
  • [RF-12018] - Typo in BOM: jsf-api should be jsp-api
  • [RF-12020] - Reduce number of absolute opened files
  • [RF-12026] - Javascript error in AjaxRequests on FireFox "invalid 'in' operand event"
  • [RF-12042] - Metamer: rich:contextMenu doesn't disappear after clicking out of the menu in IE9 and Google Chrome
  • [RF-12043] - Metamer: rich:contextMenu isn't rendered correctly in IE 9 compatibility mode
  • [RF-12070] - Kitschensink archetype - broken formatting of comments in generated pom.xml
  • [RF-12072] - Push: add onsubscribed event (was: Lost event in push)
  • [RF-12074] - Showcase mediaOutput refers to GAE limitations
  • [RF-12075] - Kitchensink archetype - link for JBoss AS 7 project site is broken
  • [RF-12083] - Components: Output UI module doesn't pass unit tests (MenuItemRendererTest and DropDownMenuRendererTest)
  • [RF-12085] - The richfaces version change script is missing version strings in the kitchensink archetype file
  • [RF-12093] - ResourceServlet can't handle resources outside of specific libraries
  • [RF-12109] - Showcase in AS 7.1.1 (JSF 2.1.7) missing doctype and <html> root


  • [RF-12064] - Remove the superfluous versions from the generated pom in the kitchensink archetype
  • [RF-12086] - Update the RichFaces WFK version in the archetypes
  • [RF-12091] - rich:dataScroller scrollListener not documented

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