Release Notes - JBoss Transaction Manager - Version 5.0.0 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [JBTM-1593] - Most top level subsystem folders in the quickstart repo are missing files


  • [JBTM-2000] - Target "ci-tests-nojts" does not exist in the project "QA Tests for JBossTS"
  • [JBTM-2009] - Fix the participant race condition in compensations quickstarts
  • [JBTM-2038] - OutOfMemoryError in XTS crash recovery test
  • [JBTM-2051] - All txframework unit tests fail on IPV6
  • [JBTM-2060] - STM not compiling
  • [JBTM-2061] - blacktie-all pom was not uploaded to nexus for CR2? - strange!
  • [JBTM-2062] - Add support for ceylon
  • [JBTM-2068] - Test suite did not complete after Blacktie tests
  • [JBTM-2077] - byteman and jfree jars incorrectly reported as required at runtime in pom.xml


  • [JBTM-1184] - Update documentation for Narayana and Wildfly changes
  • [JBTM-1476] - Document new XTS Features
  • [JBTM-2053] - Add CI support for Mac
  • [JBTM-2063] - Clean standalone JTA 1.2 quickstart
  • [JBTM-2064] - Update Blacktie to use Wildfly 8.0.0.Final-SNAPSHOT
  • [JBTM-2070] - Review RTS documentation
  • [JBTM-2071] - Number the BlackTie subsystem after Narayana rather than WildFly

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