Release Notes - JBoss Transaction Manager - Version 4.17.0.M1/5.0.0.M1 - HTML format


  • [JBTM-842] - improve XAResource recovery scan timing
  • [JBTM-1482] - If a naughty afterCompletion sync throws an exception, log the exception call stack

Feature Request

  • [JBTM-248] - Generic compensation annotations
  • [JBTM-528] - Periodic commit retry
  • [JBTM-859] - support XAResourceWrapper


  • [JBTM-873] - "Unique index or primary key violation" in jee_transactional_app quickstart


  • [JBTM-251] - Check conformance and compatibility of two JTA implementations
  • [JBTM-284] - Make sure distributed transaction example within JBossAS is clearly illustrated
  • [JBTM-618] - Reduce synchronization boundaries on LockManager.setlock
  • [JBTM-838] - Update decommissioned domain names used in testing configurations
  • [JBTM-844] - Remove support for 1.0 XTS api
  • [JBTM-847] - Look into how AssumedComplete works for ArjunaJTA (and jtax)
  • [JBTM-848] - Update XTS and XTS tests in 4.15 branch and trunk so it can be deployed in AS7
  • [JBTM-853] - Optimize performance of code path for new TSR based integration for AS 7.
  • [JBTM-864] - update txbridge build for AS7
  • [JBTM-869] - Document XTS standalone
  • [JBTM-877] - Commit the Emma patch to svn

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