Release Notes - JBoss Web Services - Version jbossws-cxf-4.1.0.Beta2 - HTML format


  • [JBWS-3409] - Support for CXF Continuations

Feature Request

  • [JBWS-3109] - Global handler to intercept/observe inbound/outbound messages
  • [JBWS-3525] - JBossWS-CXF:OneWay faultTo request is not correctly transmitted to the specified address


  • [JBWS-3513] - Server side Bus used for creating JAX-WS clients in endpoint business logic
  • [JBWS-3516] - JBossWS-CXF doesn't send fault message to a FaultTo endpoint when request-response message.
  • [JBWS-3518] - static wsdl not recognized
  • [JBWS-3519] - WSConsume generates sources in current dir even if -keep option is not specified
  • [JBWS-3520] - WSConsume ignores target 2.1 option
  • [JBWS-3532] - WSDL published to wrong directory when path contains blank characters
  • [JBWS-3540] - EndpointPublisher: xsd imports cause deployment error unless placed in WEB-INF dir


  • [JBWS-3335] - Restore jbossws jaxws client configuration to jbossws-cxf stack and update AS7 domain model
  • [JBWS-3446] - Evaluate options for enabling username over transport security wsse tests
  • [JBWS-3475] - SOAP-over-JMS tests require test queue on target AS
  • [JBWS-3484] - Factor out container specific testsuite dependencies to ASIL / jboss-as-webservices-tests-integration
  • [JBWS-3517] - Upgrade to Apache CXF 2.6.2
  • [JBWS-3522] - Review and update JBossWSInvoker to Apache CXF 2.6+ level
  • [JBWS-3523] - Provide testcase for CXF @UseAsynchMethod


  • [JBWS-3529] - Enable configuration of properties

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