Release Notes - jBPM - Version 7.20.0.Final - HTML format


  • [JBPM-7338] - Allow filtering manage section related items by container/deployment
  • [JBPM-8358] - Claim task in Task Inbox should open Task details page
  • [JBPM-8374] - Invoke DMN Decision Service from jBPM business rule task

Feature Request

  • [JBPM-6758] - Stunner - Adding support for childLaneSet BPMN2.0 element in Red Hat BPMS


  • [JBPM-6848] - Form Generation fails generating forms for classes on external dependencies
  • [JBPM-7154] - Stunner - Vertical connections in sub-processes
  • [JBPM-7458] - Stunner - Move group of elements in read only session
  • [JBPM-7480] - Stunner - Error when opening process with boundary event
  • [JBPM-7531] - Stunner - it is possible to connect node inside sub-process with sub-process itself
  • [JBPM-7558] - Stunner - missing the red resize "button" after resizing activity to the smallest size
  • [JBPM-7559] - Stunner - boundary event is displayed twice after zooming canvas
  • [JBPM-7594] - Stunner - designer print errors to server log for the simplest process
  • [JBPM-7628] - Stunner - After first process deployment, an error is displayed.
  • [JBPM-7728] - Stunner - Task inside a Sub-process contained by a lane is created in wrong position
  • [JBPM-7827] - Wrong link for reusable subprocess in process diagram in process definitions
  • [JBPM-7930] - Compensation Event Sub-process can not be placed on top level of the process
  • [JBPM-8135] - Stunner - It is not possible to clear sequence flow condition in Condition mode
  • [JBPM-8211] - Stunner - Start event instead of Milestone in Case Definition
  • [JBPM-8244] - 'No server connected' warring is displayed when more servers are connected
  • [JBPM-8342] - Newly added system property - org.jbpm.correlationkey.length - does not truncate the "value" column in the CorrelationPropertyInfo table
  • [JBPM-8348] - Tomcat doesn't correctly stop Kie server controller healthcheck
  • [JBPM-8362] - KIE Server client does not reuse marshaller for JMS
  • [JBPM-8376] - Not possible to open a callable process with spaces and extended chars
  • [JBPM-8394] - Create JHipster generator for Kaas (quarkus and springboot) apps

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