Release Notes - jBPM - Version 7.13.0.Final - HTML format


  • [JBPM-7405] - Stunner - Improve usability for connector bendpoints
  • [JBPM-7679] - Manage WIH exception through a subproces
  • [JBPM-7696] - Provide configuration options for paginated views
  • [JBPM-7787] - Implement new process instance log timeline view
  • [JBPM-7791] - Add ability to set values with symbols ',', ';' in parameterValues block in WorkItemDefinitions json
  • [JBPM-7796] - Add ability to skip kie-ctrl:dispose-container task if container not found in kie-server-controller-plugin
  • [JBPM-7822] - Able to lock without "nowait" for jBPM pessimistic locking

Feature Request

  • [JBPM-7783] - Rendering of forms by KIE Server - returns HTML with customisable CSS
  • [JBPM-7784] - Mock like work item handler that accepts either one or more outputs or lambda
  • [JBPM-7785] - Export process instance logs as XES
  • [JBPM-7809] - Resolve datasource name for query definitions at runtime


  • [JBPM-6755] - Stunner - Morphing & rule evaluations issues
  • [JBPM-7380] - AFTER_RULEFLOW_NODE_EXITED string is wrong
  • [JBPM-7386] - Add support for BPMNDiagram resolution attribute
  • [JBPM-7504] - Not possible to edit existing Deployment Descriptor configuration
  • [JBPM-7661] - NodeInstanceLog for node left events should be fired on beforeNodeLeft
  • [JBPM-7732] - Missing pagination controls in process and task reports
  • [JBPM-7802] - HumanTask in Event Subprocess Created in progression
  • [JBPM-7806] - Handle async jobs by Migration service
  • [JBPM-7810] - ClassNotFoundException: when clicking on job in the list
  • [JBPM-7815] - Business Calender does not work as expected when timer is set in some conditions
  • [JBPM-7817] - Data set editor shows 'supports expression reference $null' as a hint
  • [JBPM-7820] - File handle leak in AbstractUserGroupInfo
  • [JBPM-7837] - ExecutorServiceImpl.requeue(Long olderThan) doesn't calculate a correct value
  • [JBPM-7839] - Scanner is not stopped when container is disposed
  • [JBPM-7842] - Dashboard demo for jbpm business apps
  • [JBPM-7843] - Close button in master details panel is missing the icon
  • [JBPM-7872] - DataSetLookupException when Kie server is initialized


  • [JBPM-7483] - Create domain -
  • [JBPM-7485] - Application to generate application to be hosted at


  • [JBPM-7599] - Add Edit feature to Dependencies Section configuration
  • [JBPM-7682] - Add edit feature to PersistencePresenter Section Configuration
  • [JBPM-7692] - Add edit feature on ExternalDataObjectsPresenter

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