Release Notes - jBPM - Version 7.12.0.Final - HTML format


  • [JBPM-7582] - SpringBoot - basic usage documentation
  • [JBPM-7740] - UserGroupCallbackTaskCommand.doCallbackGroupsOperation() bottle-neck by large number of groupId
  • [JBPM-7743] - kie service archetype should not include db profiles/config for non jbpm types
  • [JBPM-7760] - Provide Test Helper Classes for Case Management and jBPM services
  • [JBPM-7763] - jBPM Executor Service is not registered in ServiceRegistry
  • [JBPM-7776] - Group remote call to Kie Server when aborting multipe process instances
  • [JBPM-7778] - Allow to use DeploymentService to deploy non maven KieContainers
  • [JBPM-7813] - Allow customizing the kie server location in jbpm-server-full Docker image


  • [JBPM-6181] - Advanced queries decoupled to the database model
  • [JBPM-6224] - Dynamic tasks in case stages
  • [JBPM-6289] - BPMSPL-341: Define and configure custom Task Assignment mode


  • [JBPM-7116] - [Designer] Work item definition deployments on wrong path
  • [JBPM-7665] - Process Instances: page with vertical scroll bar is flickering after changing window width
  • [JBPM-7689] - Stunner - keyboard shortcuts - need to explicitly select element
  • [JBPM-7707] - Reduce space between pager and table on process instance variable
  • [JBPM-7708] - Syncing job executor with database stopped after temporary database unavailability
  • [JBPM-7716] - wrong message when required parameter is not set for DBUserGroupCallbackImpl
  • [JBPM-7721] - Create WorkItem for PDF document generation
  • [JBPM-7723] - Error popup on first deploy of project
  • [JBPM-7724] - Unable to find JTA transaction when running LogCleanupCommand
  • [JBPM-7727] - SecurityException when SLA is triggered in case
  • [JBPM-7729] - Fix guava version for google workitems in repository
  • [JBPM-7731] - SLA tracking command signals ended process or nodes
  • [JBPM-7744] - SpringBoot kie server auto configuration should keep the order of beans for REST endpoints
  • [JBPM-7746] - Misleading Pop Up Error When Bulk Aborting Processes
  • [JBPM-7747] - PersistenceContext (application scoped entity manager) is not properly cleaned in Spring based setup
  • [JBPM-7750] - Create Work Item for fetching data from database
  • [JBPM-7765] - Exception when section all items in process instance list
  • [JBPM-7770] - Add remote debugging option to service app archetype
  • [JBPM-7771] - KIE Server data set editor fails with 'DataSet is empty' when being created and data exists
  • [JBPM-7797] - ContainerAliasResolver requires KieServer to be successfully autowired



  • [JBPM-4684] - Update kie-(drools)-wb README for Tomcat to detail how to configure jBPM runtime on Windows
  • [JBPM-5566] - Stunner - Labels on Sequence Flows
  • [JBPM-6840] - Stunner - Case roles
  • [JBPM-7652] - Add https support to smart-router


  • [JBPM-7515] - Create scripts for building business and running applications
  • [JBPM-7516] - Create application package
  • [JBPM-7517] - Create reporting interface in the application for generators
  • [JBPM-7639] - OpenShift support for business applications

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