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Released: 22/Sep/11

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Warnings indicate when the status of a JIRA issue doesn't reflect related development activity. For example: an issue marked complete that has an open pull request should be marked as still being in progress.

Unreviewed Code

These issues have been marked complete but the commits are not part of a pull request or review.

BlockerBugAS7-1572jboss.modules.system.pkgs set in standalone.conf[.bat] and domain.conf[.bat]Jason GreeneResolved4 commits
BlockerEnhancementAS7-1729Improve to implement options/methods to call of other HTTP method (PUT, POST, DELETE etc.)Andrew RubingerClosed1 commit
CriticalBugAS7-1647mod_cluster load metric capacity and weight defaults are wrongPaul FerraroResolved3 commits
CriticalBugAS7-1648mod_cluster load metrics do not workPaul FerraroResolved3 commits
CriticalBugAS7-1657ModelControllerClient leaks memoryStuart DouglasResolved5 commits
CriticalBugAS7-1697Methods with arrays in their signature cannot be resolved from the annotation indexStuart DouglasResolved3 commits
CriticalBugAS7-1719ClassNotFoundException: org.jgroups.util.UUID when sessions are quickly createdPaul FerraroClosed3 commits
MajorFeature RequestAS7-608BoundedQueueThreadPoolService provides Executor instead of ExecutorServiceTommy TynjäResolved4 commits
MajorFeature RequestAS7-928integrate hibernate-enversStrong LiuResolved4 commits
MajorTaskAS7-1107Upgrade to JBoss SASL 1.0.0.Beta2Darran LofthouseResolved4 commits
MajorBugAS7-1273Applications (or their libraries) containing persistence units with the connection defined inline via properties cause deployment failure.Scott MarlowClosed6 commits
MajorBugAS7-1317Allow application exceptions to be defined when using the throws clauseCarlo de WolfResolved1 commit
MajorBugAS7-1341Link to console on startup page fails when running in EC2/limited network with any-addressDarran LofthouseResolved2 commits
MajorBugAS7-1362FULL_XA infinispan caches need to properly register with TransactionManager for recovery.Paul FerraroResolved1 commit
MajorBugAS7-1392Description in scripts to secure the api wrongHeiko RuppResolved3 commits
MajorBugAS7-1470JAXBContext.newInstance(package) failsJason GreeneResolved3 commits
MajorBugAS7-1546Welcome root not started on AS within domainDarran LofthouseResolved1 commit
MajorBugAS7-1552Tab completion is too eager and omits valid entriesAlexey LoubyanskyResolved3 commits
MajorBugAS7-1559spec-api does not export RubingerResolved3 commits
MajorBugAS7-1560resource-ref without a specific mapped name or lookup name leads to circular service dependency exceptionStuart DouglasResolved1 commit
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