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Provide two cluster test case for EJBClient




      The Wildfly test suite is missing a test case for testing EJBClient interactions over two clusters, which does exist in the EAP test cycle. This test case aims to duplicate that multi-node SmartFrog test in the Wildfly testsuite so that errors are identified early.

      The test setup:

      • two clusters
         ejb-forwarder = {node0, node1}
         ejb={node3, node4}

        where each node of cluster ejb-forwarder has a remote outbound connection to node3

      • a forwarding SFSB deployment on cluster ejb-forwarder, which forwards invocations to cluster ejb
      • a non-forwarding deployment on cluster ejb
      • a client which makes invocations on the clustered deployment on ejb-forwarder every 10 ms

      The test execution:

      • once the servers and deployments have been deployed, each server is shut down and then restarted in turn, at which time the test ends.

      The expected behaviour:

      • at least 90% of client invocations will complete without exception
      • test client invocations on ejb-forwarder will fail over from node0 to node1 (or vice versa, depending on which node of cluster ejb-forwarder is down)
      • server-client invocations on ejb will fail-over from node3 to node 4 (or vice versa depending on which node of cluster ejb is down)

      The invocation transaction attribute set up:

      • invocations from the client to ejb-forwarder are not in transaction scope
      • invocations from ejb-forwarder to ejb are in transaction scope with attribute REQUIRED

      This allows exercising invocations from a managed transaction context, which uncovered a number of issues...

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