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Nullpointer exception in log during server shutdown after running juddi integration test suite.


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      jUDDI integration test suite passes, but during server shutdown a NullPointerException is thrown. See attached server log for more information.

      The fact that Hibernate repopulates the jUDDI schema (see comments for explanation) has uncovered a new problem. JAXRRegistryImpl tries to retrieve the jboss ESB tModel via it's findService method. If it does not find it then it saves a new record to the database. The problem is that even after a successful save operation the tModel just is not in the database.

      This problem exists regardless weather we use a datasource in persistence.xml or direct jdbc.

      JAXRRegistryImpl.java code snipp:

      // Will be null because the schema is not in the database.
      ClassificationScheme cScheme = bqm.findClassificationSchemeByName(findQualifiers, orgCategory);
      Collection<Classification> classifications = new ArrayList<Classification>();
      // If the scheme returned null, then we have to create a org.jboss.soa.esb.:category scheme to use
      if (cScheme == null) {

      { ClassificationScheme scheme = blm.createClassificationScheme(orgCategory, orgCategory); ArrayList<ClassificationScheme> cSchemes = new ArrayList<ClassificationScheme>(); cSchemes.add(scheme); // scheme was not found so save it !!! BulkResponse br = blm.saveClassificationSchemes(cSchemes); }

      catch (Exception e)

      { throw new JAXRException(e); }

      // Wow. The scheme is still null here.
      cScheme = bqm.findClassificationSchemeByName(findQualifiers, orgCategory);

      How to reproduce:

      1) Reconfigure jUDDI in SOA-P to provide db connections outside the container.
      2) Pick an API jUDDI test from juddi-core
      3) Add jbossesb-registry.sar/juddi_config to class-path so hibernate can pick up it's config file.
      4) Run the test
      5) Shutdown the server with ctrl+c and look out for a NullPointerException.

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