I think it would a great for both RichFaces and RichFaces users that RichFaces uses a CSS compiler to provide more tools and be more responsive. Two majors concurrents are Less and Sass. Since I'm a Less user, I will ask for Less support in RichFaces.

      Less allow lots of things (variables, mixins, operations, hierarchy, ...) and it's very easy to use. To know more :

      So, what do I suggest ?

      1. Writing future SandBox CSS in LESS instead of pure CSS, taking advantage of Bootstrap LESS files already providing usefull mixins.
      2. Allowing EL in LESS files, the best way would be :
        1. Resolving all EL first and replace them with their values
        2. Compiling LESS files to generated CSS
      3. Creating a LESS files like the variables.less from Bootstrap that would centralize all skin values. So Skins would still be the way for users to cutomize their theme without writing any LESS files. But after having all skins variables in variables.less, only use LESS variables in LESS files.
      4. (Optional but good) Provide a way for RichFaces users to write their own LESS files, importing RichFaces LESS files in them (mostly for variables and mixins) and having RichFaces compile them.

      For compilation, there is Maven plugins, but would be really good if RichFaces could do that (not sure if possible). A Bootstrap guy just created a compiler in top of the LESS compiler in order to improve it, accepting both CSS and LESS files, improving whitespaces, and other stuff. See :

      I don't even know if all of that is possible, but I'm sure it would be really awesome !

      Linked issue :

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