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Tooltip: JavaScript Error with showDelay and partial update



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      It seems, hiding the tooltip before the AJAX request is submitted prevents the script error

       <a4j:commandLink onclick="#{rich:component('tooltipid')}.hide()" ....)
      It seems, hiding the tooltip before the AJAX request is submitted prevents the script error <a4j:commandLink onclick= "#{rich:component( 'tooltipid' )}.hide()" ....)


      rich:tooltip causes script error when showDelay is used and the tooltip is updated due to a JSF request.

      Console log of Firefox:
      TypeError: tooltip.popup is null

      tooltip.popup.show(tooltip.saveShowEvent); in tooltip.js (line 245)

      The error comes in all browsers I tested with.

      <a4j:commandLink action="#{richTabMinimizer.toggle}" render="@this">
      	<h:graphicImage library="org.richfaces.images"
      		name="#{richTabMinimizer.expanded ? 'triangleUp.png' : 'triangleDown.png'}"/>
      	<rich:tooltip followMouse="false" showDelay="1000">
      		#{richTabMinimizer.expanded ? 'close' : 'expand'}

      (Its a stripped down example. The actual content of my tool-tip holds more text.)
      Note that my 'richTabMinimizer.toggle' bean toggles some GUI stuff and its property 'expanded' is switched from true to false and vice versa.
      You may probably replace it with anything to reproduce the error.

      Probably the tool-tip tries to show after the HTML elements have already been updated.
      It's no serious error. Nevertheless, its ugly.

      I guess it is not unusual to have a tool-tip (with a showDelay) on a command.
      But often, users will click the command just after the mouse entered the command.

      Maybe this issue report is a duplicate of RF-8652, but in contrast to 8652, I do not refer to open tooltips.

      For me, it would be sufficient if the script error is avoided.
      I do not expect the updated tooltip to show after the delay.

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