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SslConnectionFactory is not used when using composite URL's


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 5.5.0-fuse-00-00
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      The attached test case highlights a problem with the way detect SSL connections when composite URL's are used. In "ActiveMQSslConnectionFactory.java", we have the following section of code:

          protected Transport createTransport() throws JMSException {
              // If the given URI is non-ssl, let superclass handle it.
              if (!brokerURL.getScheme().equals("ssl")) {
                  return super.createTransport();
              try {
                  if (keyManager == null || trustManager == null) {
                      trustManager = createTrustManager();
                      keyManager = createKeyManager();
                      // secureRandom can be left as null
                  SslTransportFactory sslFactory = new SslTransportFactory();
                  SslContext ctx = new SslContext(keyManager, tru

      When using an SSL URL for failover, for example, brokerURL.getScheme="failover" and not "ssl" thus our special considerations for SSL are not picked up.

      The attached test case uses a custom Trust Manager. We can see that it works just fine with a URL of ""ssl://localhost:61618", however, when failover is added, ("failover://(ssl://localhost:61618)", it's not picked up. I ran this through the debugger to track it down but essentially in the good case, you'll see my output from test case:

      One works
       ** Hello ...  
       ** Setting Broker URL ...  
       ** Creating Queue Connection ...  
       ** Returning trust All certs
       ===> My manager: [Ljavax.net.ssl.TrustManager;
      trigger seeding of SecureRandom
      done seeding SecureRandom
      Allow unsafe renegotiation: false

      In the failing case, "My manager" line is not printed as its never invoked.

      I dropped the attached test case into org.apache.activemq.

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