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Add Red Hat Developers sign up link to CDK New Server wizard



      While reviewing documentation updates for cdk installation in devstudio, we noticed a thing that is not ideal in the workflow.

      Imagine you don't have an account on developers.redhat.com yet.
      You go to New Server -> CDK 3.2+.
      On the next page, you're supposed to fill out your credentials, but you don't have any. Yes, you could argue that there is a way to get there: If you don't have an account, that probably also means that you don't have a cdk binary either - you need the account to download it. So you need to click Download and install runtime... and that will offer you a link to register. So once cdk is downloaded, you can then add the credentials. But that's pretty cumbersome.
      So I would suggest we add a Register link somewhere - either on the New Server wizard's second page. Or once you click Add.. to add credentials.
      That's issue 1.

      There are also a few side issues:
      2. I would suggest you remove the Domain field/dropdown from the wizard. It's always just greyed out. If we ever want to support more of them we can add it back. And when you add the credentials you will see the domain there too, which is enough.
      3. When you click Download and install runtime..., select a version and then go to the next page, this page is called JBoss.org Credentials - it's actually access.redhat.com credentials, can you change the title?
      3.a Also, the link for signing up leads to access.redhat.com. Wouldn't it be better to point to developers.redhat.com sign up page? That's what devsuite installer does.

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