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s3 plugin attempts to create bucket with whole pathname during snapshot



      When using snapshots it would seem that there are certain situations where it is possible that we create a bucket with the pathname

      e.g. bucket/my/PATH instead of bucket = 'bucket' and path = 'my/PATH', we get bucket = 'bucket/my/PATH' which is semantically wrong and is an invalid bucket name.

      20:16 christopherl: Good Afternoon people. I got a crazy error when trying to upload a bundled ami up to s3. "Bucket names cannot contain upper-case characters when using either the sub-domain or virtual hosting calling format."
      20:43 christopherl: found it, I had
      20:44 christopherl: I had "napshot: true " set in my /root/.boxgrinder/config which caused the following "2012-02-22T12:31:49.700941 #10761 DEBUG – : Creating bucket: data-data/aws/images/data-appliance/centos/6/1.0-SNAPSHOT-1/x86_64"
      20:45 christopherl: the function doesn't like the uppercase "SNAPSHOT" text and fails.
      20:45 christopherl: turning that option to false removed snapshot support, but allows the bundle upload to continue.
      20:46 msavy: interesting
      20:46 msavy: i'll open a ticket for that
      20:50 msavy: it tried to create a bucket with the whole path
      20:50 msavy: that is definitely wrong
      20:50 msavy: what do you have your bucket set as? or did you not have one
      20:51 christopherl: bucket: data-data
      20:51 christopherl: path: /aws/images
      20:51 christopherl: I also executed the build command from "/aws/images"
      20:52 msavy: i'll investigate, if it was attempting to create a bucket with the name of the whole path that's definitely a screw-up

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