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Clarification of Post section inheritance behaviour


    • Steps to Reproduce:

      boxgrinder build a.appl

      Run: boxgrinder build a.appl


      It is a potentially valid use-case that a number of appls in the ADF hierarchy could require the same appl. For instance, one example could be that the user has two separate standardised appl structures that include the same appl file, and they are combined together into a single unit for a particular task. These appl structures must retain the doubly-included appl in their hierarchy because they are ostensibly stand-alone, and should be correct in their own right.

      At present the post section will execute n times for n inclusions of the same ADF.

      Therefore, a clarification of the correct behaviour of the Post section in this instance would be useful:

      • Just expect the user to copy the specs and modify them manually (don't allow duplicate ADF inclusions), this could impact on users who want a standardised set of core ADFs.
      • A Post section of an ADF executes only once
      • A Post section of an ADF executes n times for n inclusions (current behaviour)
      • Ability to specify/override (probably unnecessarily complex, can't think of many valid use-cases).

      I have attached a trivial set of example appls to reproduce the behaviour. They are not designed to reflect the use cases above in a substantive manner.

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