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Expand support for System Property substitution



      Audit the core AS and all subsystems shipped in the AS distribution for suport for expression in management resource attributes.

      The basic philosophy toward expressions in previous releases was to only push devs to add support if there was a clear important use case. Devs could choose to add support beyond that, but we wouldn't push that. This JIRA and PRODMGT-195 from which it is derived reflects a change in philosophy. Now the philosophy is to support expressions unless the dev foresees a technical or future compatibility problem arising from doing so.

      This task DOES NOT advocate adding expression support to attributes that represent references to other model elements. Such references may prove problematic in the future and should not be added. We already have some model ref attributes that support expressions; this task DOES NOT advocate removing such support, unless the support has never been provided in a Final release (i.e. it was added during 7.2 development.)

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