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Development Lifecycle Streamline


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      Development Lifecycle Streamline
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      As a user, I want to be able to streamline my developing cycle, being able to quickly deploy and test my code on a running kie-server.

      The current workflow is designed for 'production use cases' and doesn't help a lot to achieve this, i.e.:

      • I've to manually change my pom in order to avoid a clash with a running project on kie-server;
      • If artifact id/versions clashes with a running kie server, on each build/deploy I've to manually confirm that I want to override the current running project

      So in order to address this use case, this epic aims to streamline the development process, so in order to achieve this:

      • We will create a way to mark a global 'dev mode' in authoring (AF-1686)
      • We will ask kie-server team to add a capability on kie-server in order to mark a kie-server as a development server (AF-1687);
      • In the build/deploy process (AF-1688):
      • If we are on a development mode AND we are deployment on a 'dev' kie-server
      1. We will override the pom version from 'version' to 'version-username'
      2. Do a 'force' deploy on kie-server (overriding the current project
      3. Revert the pom change
      • If we are on a development branch AND we are NOT deployment on a 'dev' kie-server
      1. We will trigger and error informing the user that a development branch should be deployed on a develoment kie-server
      • If we are not on a development branch
      1. We cannot deploy on a development kie server (error)
      2. We keep the current bevaviour on regular kie-servers

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